Al Badia Chemicals LLC, a world-class oilfield and specialty chemicals manufacturer, specializes in the manufacturing of innovative drilling fluids technology.

Al Badia Chemicals LLC is a global company located at Sheikh Zayed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We work hand in hand with operators and technology providers to clearly define drilling fluid scenarios, identify operational gaps and tailored technologies designed for a full spectrum of applications.

With our extensive knowledge in foundations of drilling, workover and completion operations, we craft efficient, cost-effective solutions that minimize lost time and increase operational effectiveness throughout the life of the well.

Our range of products are able to address various global challenges in the chemical manufacturing. They are non-toxic to the marine environment, biodegradable and meet the highest occupational hygiene standards.



Years Experience

In addition to our innovative drilling fluid products, we also offer the services of our experienced technicians, who can provide field support, operator training and testing services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve innovative growth and be a trusted and progressive drilling fluids and specialty chemicals manufacturing company which creates value for stakeholders, customers and employees.

Our Mission

We aspire to provide the best quality products with good value pricing while establishing a functional relationship with our customers & suppliers.