Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Compliant

Quality is always part of every process we undertake; it is one of our key drivers to success!

Commitment to Quality and HSE

  • To ensure our products and services meet – if not surpass – global standards, Al Badia Chemicals LLC extends comprehensive support to keep all processes compliant at par with legal and international standards requirements.

  • To ensure a safe and healthy workplace, our practices are guided by a highly comprehensive HSE management system which is embedded into our business culture.

  • All activities are carefully reviewed and conducted to safeguard all employees advancedchemicals the environment.

  • 1. Quality Policy
  • 2. HSE Policy
  • 3. Waste Management Policy

We are committed to excel in the manufacturing and supply of Drilling Fluids and Specialty Chemicals by providing best-in-class solutions and services that meet customer satisfaction through the effective management and implementation of our ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality management system. This is in line with the group strategic objective of developing our brand to be internationally recognized, associated with value, reliability and becoming an employer of choice. Our quality policy is driven by high level of commitment to quality for the best interest of our stakeholders.

We shall achieve these objectives by:
  • Maintaining a disciplined and control-optimal approach to ensure risks are identified, mitigated and eliminated.

  • Relentlessly focusing on continuous improvement in operational performance.

  • Implementing a system to enable continuous delivery of timely and appropriate management information to support decision making.

  • Fostering an environment where every employee feels empowered to identify redundancy, avoid rework and eliminate waste.

We practice internationally recognized health, safety and environment (HSE) standards in our operations while we deliver quality products and services causing no harm to people, property and to the environment. We remain systematic and structured in our approach in managing and implementing our HSE procedures as integral part of our business culture.

To meet our objectives, we will:
  • Ensure visible leadership commitment in all HSE matters.

  • Comply with applicable HSE laws and regulations and apply responsible standards where these do not exist.

  • Establish measurable HSE objectives and targets, and appraise and report our performance as a means of ensuring continuous improvement.

  • Promote and maintain a work environment in which each of us is responsible for our own safety as well as the safety of others.

  • Assess HSE risks arising from our activities and implement measures to reduce the risks to a level as low as reasonably practicable.

  • Assess opportunities to enhance our HSE performance while taking into account planned changes to our organization, policies and processes.

  • Provide a safe work place to all stakeholders through consultation with and participation by workers and ensure all personnel are fully trained to carry out their work safely.

  • Promote the efficient use of resources and conduct our business activities in a manner that protects the environment.

  • Ensure effective emergency management plans are maintained to cover all our facilities and locations.

  • Learn from what we and others do through sharing and collaboration.

  • Conduct audits, and take corrective action where appropriate for the purpose of compliance and continuous improvement.

  • We require that all staff, contractors, customers and visitors adhere to this policy at all time

Al Badia Chemicals LLC has the responsibility to conduct our business without any detrimental effects on the environment. We comply with all applicable and prevailing laws and industrial standards on waste management, adopting products, systems, and work practices that reduce waste generation whilst practicing the potential recycling of resources.

We follow general waste management procedures to ensure that:-
  • Waste generation at source should be minimized whenever possible.

  • Finding alternative means for waste disposal by adopting cleaner and sustainable technology.

  • Legal requirements for waste handling and disposal are strictly observed.

Minimizing waste reduces costs, limits environment hazard liabilities and eliminates potential health and safety risks thereby promoting positive company image in public.